Персонализирани листове със стикери надраскват листове със стикери с холограмни винилови стикери

Стикерът с холограма може да се използва за защита на търговската марка и документи, която интегрира анти фалшив и естетичен вид. Динамичната промяна на цвета го прави невероятно. Персонализираният дизайн на стикер с холограма може ефективно да защити марката и продуктите от фалшифициране. За да добавите сигурност, можете да отпечатате собствено лого, сериен номер, QR код за проследяване и проследяване.

Персонализирани листове със стикери надраскват листове със стикери с холограмни винилови стикери
Медна хартия, синтетична хартия, тъп сребърен PET, бял PET, прозрачен PET, PVC.
CMYK, цвят Pantone, пълен цвят.
Разнообразие от ефекти
водоустойчив, холограма, изрязан, високотемпературна устойчивост, прозрачен, златно фолио, подвижен и така нататък.
Ролка, индивидуален лист или изрязване.
Обикновено 5-7 работни дни след плащане и произведения на изкуството са потвърдени.
От BOLETO, mastercard, visa, e-Checking, PAYLATER, T/T, Westrurn Union.
По въздух, море, международен експрес и др.

Create labels and stickers with a unique look using holographic sticker sheets. This material has a printable surface and an adhesive backing. The sticker surface's holographic effect shows through printed images.

Scratch off hologram labels are applied over pre-printed information. To reveal the underlying information, use the edge of a coin to scratch off the holographic image.

The stock scratch off label features our stock “dots” image. These labels are only sold as plain; we only offer one size at this time.

The scratch off label is also frangible. The label will break into pieces if attempts are made to remove the label to read the underlying information.

As an option, scratch off holographic labels can be made with custom sizes and custom hologram images.

Typical applications include pre-paid telephone cards, discount coupons, promotions, passwords, and more.

Our holograms are designed, tested, and intended for anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and promotional applications.

Scratch off labels has security, anti-transmittance, anti-theft code, one-time use, confidentiality. Can be customized to any specifications and patterns. Widely used in phone cards, delta cards, game cards, stored value cards and so on. We are a industry leader in the complete production of scratch off cards, scratch and wins, phone cards, gift cards and pull tabs.

Consistently working with some of the largest and most successful companies in the world, bzsticker has the experience to give you the high impact and highest quality promotional products you need. We are fully committed to providing excellent customer service, top of the line production values, quick turnaround times and cost efficiency.

(1) Hologram master origination types and different hologram sticker security features. Hologram master origination is a piece of nickel mold which plays a security key role in the hologram manufacturing.combination of different security features like 4d, 2d/3d, dot-marix,3d dot-marix, 3d, 2d, true color, moire hidden text, micron text, optical lens, guilloche lines, multi channel, 360°, speckle, reflection, etc. Will achieve a good hologram against counterfiet.

(2) Security tamper proof types. Pattern released tamper evident material, serial numbers, de-metalization, security slit and special shape die-cutting improve hologram sticker security too. Destructive/tamper evident, void tamper proof, original tamper proof, honeycomb tamper proof, transparent tamper evident, void transparent tamper evident.

(3) Security hologram sticker with laser etching numbering/logo/text, black color over printing logo/text/number/barcode/qr code

Hologram is a technique that allows the light scattered from an object to be recorded and later reconstructed so that it appears as if the object is in the same position relative to the recording medium as it was when recorded. The image changes as the position and orientation of the viewing system changes in exactly the same way is if the object were still present, thus making the recorded image (hologram) appear three dimensional.

Hologram label used for anti-counterfeiting, anti-theft, anti-tamper and anti-piracy. One kind, once removed, the label surface broken, only use for one time. Another kind can be permanently used, even removed, the label surface still in good status. Hologram image is special designed which can not be copied by photo or scan so that helps to stop piracy.